now we need community more than ever

Walk, hike, run, push a pram on a trail with other like-minded individuals.

join the trail club
hands holding a log together group of hikers on a nature trail


warm up

Trail club meet-ups start with our 10-min warm-up.


hit the trails

At whatever speed is comfortable to you, we hit the trails for 55 min.


connect & enjoy

Say hi to your fellow members and enjoy moving in nature!

how it works

Every Monday we walk or run together and separate at a safe distance.

Let’s use the power of community, nature, and movement to enrich each other's lives!


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how long

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get your natural high back

join the trail club


does it cost money?

No! This is simply a community meet-up that we are keen to support as it is one of the most fundamentally beneficial things you can do for you health.

How do you keep it safe despite COVID-19?

We maintain 2m spacing at all times and require participants to where masks where there is any risk of that 2m spacing not being possible.

Do I need to be fit?

The Restore Human warm-up is suitable for anyone who is able to walk without pain. After the warm-up you are welcome to take your individual trail time at whatever pace you like. If you have trouble walking please contact us!

Can I run, or walk, or rest during the trail part?

Yes! You are welcome to take whatever pace you want during your own trail time, post warm-up.

Do I have to talk to anyone?

No! You can be as social or as anti-social as you like, we encourage individuals and groups to walk in different areas as to not crowd individual trails. Saying hi and acknowledging other trail club members is encouraged.

What happens if it’s snowing or raining?

We will still be there! Getting use to and embracing inclement weather is part of the joy! Stay rugged up as you need to!