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Coach lacey

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Growing up on a farm, Lacey’s formative years were spent engaging with many of the elements we now call ‘natural movement’. Running, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying and more, all rooted in a deep love of nature and our role within it. Lacey’s desire to improve the health and physical literacy of others comes from witnessing the possibilities that then open up for people to explore, play and be in the outdoors—forming a deep connection to not only themselves but to the environment around them. 

From her active upbringing, she went on to pursue sprinting competitively at national levels while completing a B.Sc. in Anthropology. After seeing both the positive and negative aspects of high-level sports, Lacey encourages her clients to see the value of sustainable performance practices throughout their athletic career, while emphasizing vital concepts such as biomechanics, mobility, and emotional wellbeing in order to achieve their highest goals. 

With a Bodywork Therapy and Massage Diploma, Lacey has spent the last two years practicing bodywork and therapeutic massage, further expanding her understanding of the body’s functionality and healing process. An apprenticeship at Restore Human gained new insights and perspectives, adding to her well-rounded background. Today, Lacey implements the value of methodology and functional movement while her ongoing bodywork practise holds space for the energetic and emotional aspects of physicality. Her integrative approach to the body is adaptable and catered to each unique human, empowering her clients to experience the full spectrum of life.


Certified Restore Human Coach

B.S.c. Anthropology

Honours in Bodywork Therapy and Massage Diploma

15 years of competitive sprinting

Deep Flow Bodywork Therapy Certification

Craniosacral Therapy (currently enrolled)

CIS All-Canadian Academic Awar