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Kin. coach gabo

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Coach Gabo’s love for movement is vast; from climbing trees as a child to weight lifting as he got older, Gabo’s journey has been filled with a myriad of movement experiences.

As a Coach, Gabo understands that every person is unique in the way they learn, progress, and stay motivated. This is why his coaching style is so special. Gabo aims not only to understand the physical challenges that come with training, but the psychological ones.

Gabo has recently completed his degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. He is constantly searching for new ways to improve his craft. For Gabo, movement is more than just an activity – it is his way of sharing his passion with the world. He understands that just like moving and exercising, coaching is an art that requires time and dedication, and Gabo is always up for the challenge!


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Restore Human Level 1 Coach

Bachelor of Kinesiology

FRC Mobility Specialist