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Junior coach charissa

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Charissa is currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. She has always been drawn to the great adventures the human body is capable of. Charissa has grown up exploring movement in every avenue, shape-shifting her body, connecting with her body, and falling in love with the ability to move. From elite team sports to individual competition, to testing her body to the extreme, she learned that her body has no limit.

Charissa has always been heavily influenced by fitness. Her parents were powerlifters, and her friends were elite athletes. She has competed in elite levels of soccer and volleyball, as well explored her limits in powerlifting, rugby, dance, cross country, basketball, track & field, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, surfing, curling, rock climbing — any sport that you could name, she has tried it!

As a coach, she understands that every individual has their own unique story, experience, wants and needs. In order to achieve one’s personal goals, they cannot follow a pre-written blueprint; that it must be personalized to them. She wants to help others find a positive relationship with fitness and their bodies.

Charissa in her final year of her Kinesiology degree, studying at the University of British Columbia, minoring in Psychology. From her academic background, diverse personal experience with fitness, and her admiration of building connections with those around her, she wants to help you build your own strength, grace and resilience.


4th year Kinesiologist at UBC

Minor in Psychology at UBC

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer