Release balls with wooden stand


Waiting to get back in touch with nature, but feel like your body could use a bit of attention first? Try using release balls.

With at-home techniques, release balls can support your body and help you get back to the lifestyle you love.



Restore Human Release Balls

Restore Human release balls are designed to be used as a total body restorative tool.

Small enough to take with you, and stylish enough to display- Restore Human release balls include one large (9cm) ball and one smaller ball (7cm) that rest on a custom piece of reclaimed wood.

How are Restore Human Release Balls different?

Release balls are essential for performing a myofascial release, a type of manual therapy intended to release deep muscle knots to relieve pain and restore range of movement to the affected areas of the body.

Unlike tennis balls, these release balls are designed with a firm exterior that also has a slight give. They are a powerful massage and restorative tool that can also be used in tandem with Restore Humans at home coaching techniques. Restore Human’s release balls are designed to break up constricted soft tissues and target trigger points – small knots of tension within the fascia.

How do I use Restore Human Release Balls?

Release balls are versatile and incredibly effective when used regularly and in combination with Restore Human at-home follow-along videos.

Release balls have been shown to release tension, decreasing muscle tightness, reduce post-exercise pain, assist with mobility, range of motion and enhancing muscle performance.


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