Physical Literacy

Don’t focus on body transformations

Body transformations. We see them everywhere - in magazines, on TV, on the back of the city bus.

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Photo by Huha Inc.

Body transformations. We see them everywhere – in magazines, on TV, on the back of the city bus. The before and after photos, the weight loss stories, the six-pack stomach, photoshopped figures bombard us in the grocery store lineup.

We are often our own worst critic, especially when it comes to how we look in the mirror. Advertising is designed to hit us where it hurts. As humans we are hardwired to compare ourselves to those around us; our friends, images in a magazine and every day on social media. Advertisers tap into our comparative and competitive nature to make us feel insecure and we buy into the quick fix until we find out that the new body in 6 weeks doesn’t work.

At Restore Human we believe that the body you have now is amazing. Congratulations on being born as a human spaceship! The body has an incredible natural ability to heal and repair. We help you find new ways to increase your body’s functionality in order to get you moving better and training smart. Building proprioception (your body’s spatial awareness) and your ability to have fun while you are moving in and outdoors is a seriously worthwhile goal.

And in the process of learning to move you will likely lose a few pounds and gain muscle mass. That’s the key difference with what we do, aesthetics are a by-product of learning to move properly in your spaceship. We aim to help you feel good in your body again.

Photo credit: Ngaio Hotte
Photo credit: Ngaio Hotte

What does that look like?

  • Being able to move with less or no pain
  • Being able to fall and get back up
  • Being able to adventure outside with confidence
  • Being able to dance, play and have fun
  • Having the strength/balance to move without hesitation or fear
  • Feeling strong enough not to always ask for help lifting groceries, bags of soil, moving furniture or putting a stroller into a car
  • Being able to connect with others while doing something physical like hiking, cycling, kayaking or running

At Restore Human we help you become confident in your own movement and ultimately learn how to heal yourself.

We strive for long term transformation by empowering and educating our clients towards physical freedom and adventure. It’s part coaching, crawling, sweating, teaching, laughing, playing, lifting, learning, dodging, sharing, falling, running and climbing. It happens through both failure and success. We work with you, as a team, to learn how to improve your personal spaceship.

Training with us might not be accessible for everyone, but healthy movement is. Try starting with a regular joint care protocol (check out our video), walk more, and do what doesn’t hurt. Save and invest in movement education, take a long-term approach and focus on feeling good – it might not come easy, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit.

You are awesome! Keep moving it 🙂