get fit to save the planet

The ability to enjoy nature is one of the first steps towards falling in love with it and protecting it.

pax frias looking down onto a nature trail two people giving each other a high-five

our mission is to empower and educate you towards physical freedom and adventure.

At Restore Human it's not about quick fixes, fads or gimmicks. It's about the results that come from smart work, dedication, and an evidence informed method.

what makes us restore human?

the restore human methodology.

The Restore Human Method is an innovative and groundbreaking system created by our dedicated team of movement specialists.

Using a combination of research and practical application we have curated the most effective system to help you reach your individual goals. Our method is unique, refined, and effective.

the restore human studio

custom designed studio and equipment.

Our studio makes you feel as if you are training in a beautiful wooden cabin, with growing plants and bright natural light. It has been mindfully designed and uniquely customized with a strong bias towards natural movement.

No bulky equipment, no rubber floor, our space has been crafted to provide you with a positive and soothing atmosphere.

a professional and caring team.

At Restore Human, we take immense pride in the experience and knowledge of our Coaches. We are a dedicated and collaborative team who’s priority is to deliver the best quality of care.

Your physical success is our success.

the restore human experience

"We guide our process by asking hard questions. How do we reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries from falls? How do we deal with and mitigate pain whilst addressing the root causes?"

We are not your traditional personal training industry.

We don't focus on quick fixes, fads or gimmicks. We are not a team of bulky fitness addicts where conversation solely revolves around training.

We are a team of caring and professionally passionate individuals who want to help you fundamentally change your life for the better. Something we take very seriously is authentic relationships with our clients. We want to see you succeed in ways beyond what you believed possible.

our unique approach


getting to know each other

At the very start, we need to make sure this is going to be a collaboration between you and us.

Are you ready and willing to push yourself to grow in the direction of your goals? Are you open to trying something new?



Meeting you where you're currently at is key to creating an effective training program that is truly going to make you stronger, more graceful and resilient.


measure and improve

Now that we have a baseline, we can track improvements over time with the data that we collect.

How long can you hang for? What is the quality of movement through shoulder rotations?




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